Real Testimonials From Real People

Here are some real testimonials I receive every week.  These are ordinary people like YOU and now they have a lot of success at sports betting.  Just try to find real testimonials like these anywhere else.  You won't find anything...simply because they don't have it!

Hi there Frank itís Jason here from Manchester, England.  Iíd just like to thank you for your system and your book, I bough the book a few months ago now and Iíve been using the systems really well.  Iíve been using system 2 mainly for basketball and for baseball Iím gonna be using system #3.  Iím committed very much for my investing points of viewÖThe kind of projections Iíve got are quit fantastic.  Actually I started to set some targets for the first 3 months and everythingís on plan and itís brilliant, I canít tell you enough!  And also the assistance youíre given me has been brilliant.  Thankís very much for everything and keep up the good work!

Jason, Manchester UK

Listen to Jason:

I have purchased your e-book appx. two weeks ago. I started with 66$ in my sports betting account. In two weeks my account stands at a proud $3195...The system I used is a very simple one and is one I learned from you. I will keep you posted as I want to become one of your huge success stories. I currently am a store Co-Manager for a MAJOR retailer. If the success continues, and I have no reason not to believe it will, I have appx. 30 days until I begin to get my life back and enjoy the freedom of being my own boss, a dream that I could not have achieved without the information I have learned from you.
James Dodson, USA

More From James:

I was very skeptical at first when I saw the website because Iíve tried so many different kind of things.  I canít even remember how many things I tried and I wasted so much money in the past 5 years that itís not imaginable.  When I received the golden systems, I tried it out for about 3 weeks on paper, just trying it out and once I saw the results I just couldnít believe it.  It was just like winning at the lottery for me and I couldnít believe itÖI donít know what to say to Frank, honestly I thank you so much.  You just saved my life in many ways because know I can have the money to do the things I always wanted to do.  So once again thank you Frank and for those that think that this is not real, I canít really convince you because itís something you have to try and if youíve been skeptical like I was and not trying, it just something unfortunately youíll miss but hopefully you will try because itís something you will not make a mistake about.  Once again thank you Frank very much.  

Paul, Canada

Listen to Paul:

Oh My Good!  What a great book!  I made a nice little profit the last month at baseball using the underdogs system.  Thereís so many great systems to use I canít wait for basketball season to start, not to mention my winnings in football so far.  All I can say after 13 years of sports gambling I never come across anything like this bookÖitís amazing!  Thank you very much.

Lloyd, Canada

Listen to Lloyd:

I was simply amazed that how efficient and creative your system actually is and how easy it isÖI plugged in the system last week-end for the first time and went 10-1 and needless to say made a lot of cash so I just wanted to give you a call and thank you for it. ÖYou donít have to be a capper at all, you just plug in the rules and check your results the next day and you just be simply amazedÖThankís againÖGood luck!

Dan, United States

Listen to Dan:

Simply amazing.  Starting with a very small bankroll, in less than a month, I have more than doubled the price of the ebook I purchased.  Not to mention, the personal responses I get when I have a question makes this the best investment I have ever made.  Frank, you are simply amazing and I thank you for sharing your sports betting systems.

Rob Nunn, United States

Listen to Rob: 

I just want to call and say that Iíve been using this system for about a month now and I made money on and every week.  I used to be one of those guys that every season be losing money gambling on football but the systems work.  Bottom line is you need to be patient and stick to the systems and they make money.  Theyíre simple and easy to use and the bottom line is they do work and you will see results.  Itís truly amazing.  So, thankís and itís really great youíve put this outhere.

 David, USA

Listen to David:

Hi Frank,
I am enjoying my purchase of the NBA systems, thank you.  After reading all three I chose the bonus system # 3 because  I don't have time to do ANY handicapping.  Your system enables me , who knows nothing about NBA betting, to walk into a sportsbook and read the board and come up with a play in under 5 minutes.  I love it.  I made back the price of the system in about a week just betting $10.00.
Thanks again

Steve Lowry, Las Vegas

More from Steve:


When I bought the Bookie Buster book, you said you would like a testimonial after I had made $500.  Well, I've made a lot more than that in less than two months, starting with a notional bank of GBP£500 in each sport.

My sports betting has been transformed.  In fact your horse racing system betting on favourites alone has given me 16 winning days out of 16 since I started to use it.   

And the regular emails received since the purchase have been invaluable, as have the daily and premium picks (for which I have just signed up after the free 30-day period expired).  I am now betting on NFL, baseball, basketball and horse racing as well as soccer and tennis, using your systems and money management rules. I am in profit on every one of these sports, and all without any hint of how to pick winners - I just use the systems and pick my
selections according to the odds offered, as recommended by the systems.  

At my present rate of progress, I will have a very nice regular income from sports betting before too much longer - and it's all tax free in the UK!!!

My sports betting equity curve is shown below, and the sudden increase started just after I started using the systems - real proof of their value.

Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work.


Ian, UK

Hi Frank,

I just like to say that your system is simply brilliant ! It was easy to understand and  the important thing is that it showed me how to win but how quickly to recover any losses. Being an Accountant and skeptical to most things in life, I related to most if not all the  subject you covered. In the very 1st week  I was able to make $500 which is great . Keep up the good work.


Yatish , Australia

Hello Frank. You have heard from me. I purchased your E-book. My problem has never been that I cant pick winners or such but have never had a good financial plan.  The book has delivered that. I also use the same stacking  plan for horse racing and have never not walked away without a PRE-DETERMINED profit for the last 20 days. The most value I have gathered from the book is not how many winners I may get in a day but how to make the winnings in terms of money work for me to make a profit. That has always been my Achilles heel if you know what I mean. I still have not studied the whole book but I'm sure Ill find more value when I do.
Great stuff.
Thanks Mate.

Tom, Australia

awesome stuff...thank you....i have to live part of my life in brazil....(wife)
so your model that breaks down and manages bankroll was very important for me to read.

Mike Magyar, Brazil

Hi Frank

I've been following your hockey system for a couple of months now and it delivers as you said it would.

Thanks for all your good work.

Best wishes

Kerry Amor, Australia


At the beginning of February I downloaded your free chapters and was not convinced. So I didn't do anything. Earlier today I finally decided to get Bookie Buster since I had some profits to play around
with. Over the course of two hours I read and re-read the systems. All of a sudden the pieces of the puzzle started fitting together. The only question remaining for me was why I wasted a whole month before
getting this sure-fire way to actually make profits!

I've started playing bets using "The Underdog system" and while the play will only start to happen a bit later on today, I know I'm in for the money over the medium and long term. In the odds area your
recommend, I know I can pick 35-50% winners, more than enough for a steady climb. Heck, if I pick 10% winners I'll still make money, just slower. 

Overall, this is some of the best "how-to" money I've spent. Your systems makes sense, it is not a recipe, rather something backed by mathematical and statistical odds. Guaranteed sports betting
success? I didn't believe it until I actually saw the systems.

Jaco South Africa

Morning Frank!
I did email during your troubles so here it is again!

Brilliant job on Sunday! Five out of six correct - and now you've followed it with three out of four on Monday. Are you some kind of genius????

Seriously  though - Thanks very much indeed!!!!


By the way, should you have any potential clients who doubt your systems, recommendations or backup service get them to email me. There are a lot of sharks out there but I was fortunate to find your services first go. Others are not so lucky and never benefit from the world of sports betting. I think it all started with horse racing then to tennis then your site! 

Thanks again for service.

Dave Hock-Hing

What's up Frank!!! I honestly don't know why your system works.... in fact I still don't really know what I'm doing.... but, I'm Up about $700 bucks thus far.



Hi Frank
I very much appreciate your advice and especially your honesty.  As I'm sure you know there are a lot of people who don't care about those that they sell their system to - I'm glad that you are not one of them!
I'm very grateful for your response.


Your Basketball system is AWESOME. I'm a mathematical and systematic kind of guy, and your system is EXACTLY what I've been looking for to make the profits and make sense of it from a mathematical/systematic process. It couldn't be easier. or could it?

Yours truly,

Nathan Einwechter

About 4 weeks a go I purchased your sports betting system and am happy to report that I have not had a losing week yet. Keep up the great work.

Vincent Grujic

Hi Frank,

I have been real impressed with your service and my wife is involved with placing the bets. This is a miracle. I could be wrong but didn't I see a price to pay for 1 years picks? Please correct me if  I am wrong. I have doubled my betting pool since the 9th of October. It just leaves me dumb founded to see it grow. I am not a sports person and that is probably a good thing, no bad habits to confuse me. I just follow your clear instructions and away we go. We plan on increasing our bank roll so we can afford  to run at least 3 strings at a time. We are really looking forward to each day and can hardly wait to see the outcome of our bets.

Thanks again

Harlan & Henrie

Hi Frank
Firstly I must tell you that I withdrew $500 profit from my sportsbet account last week, which was the result of 2 weeks doing the Unbeatable System with your daily pick.

Your system is literally a life saver for me.


Frank I have to hand it to you, I mean I've tried various other systems, and many of them worked, but not one can I say ever got me results like this. The first weekend I tried the system I used a mere $700 and made $100 profit. I was happy, however this weekend has just been nuts. I decided to go in with $1850 and now guess what? I have $3195 in my betting bank, thats almost doubled my bank! Thanks alot for the incredible system, and I really think you need to raise the price on it asap :p

Oliver Powell

Hi Frank,
Yes I got it, bought it and LOVE IT.......did the first week of bets and  can
see that this is a great method. Thanks for sharing it with me, 64  points a
season is GREAT and without spending hours trying to work out the  bets!
Once again thank you!



i purchased and used you college football system this weekend and won $4500.00 this is my biggest win against the book ever. i also have your ebook which i use against baseball. do you have
any recommeded systems agains nfl football that you use from your ebook? oh yea one more thing your daily pick is awsome.

grateful player


Hi Frank,

Mate, I bought your Bookie Buster E-book straight after I downloaded the 3 free chapters.
I have been using the underdog method on the Yankee's baseball and am getting 14% profit on
turnover from 288 bets, and have nearly doubled my starting bank.

Richard Peel, Australia

Hi Frank,

The systems that you have developed are nothing less than Genius. I am glad i purchased your product. I am using one of your systems by choosing the daily picks on your website.

Saurabh, Australia

Hi Frank,

I don't know if you will be able to help me but I have a question for you. I was wondering if you know of a sports book that wont cut you off for winning to much with them. I was just curious because I have been winning fairly consistently since I purchased your systems.


I got your book almost two month ago. I tried these amazing systems out on paper for a while and the results were amazing. So I deposited an amount that I was comfortable with and in eleven days I have made an unbelievable 24% interest on the bankroll I started with and yet I was unlucky and I only had a 42% winning rate on my bets. I lie awake at night wondering how much money I could make if I had a bigger bankroll and a normal 50% winning rate.

Olafur Sveinsson, Iceland

Thank you Frank

Hello. I am wondering how you predict the result, it is so accurate.


Gday Frank,

Well I'm glad I ended up getteng your e-book,I can see straight away that
a lot of them will work.


I went 2-3; 5-0; 2-2; 4-1 the last four days using system 18. And that's all underdogs. I know it's a long season, but I never had that kind of profit(I even made money when my W/L record was equal). Awesome!

After all these years of losing money, I finally see the light. I had no system, no mony-management, and only thought I had handicapping skills. Your ebook has inspired me and I now know that I can make money .

Mark, Hawaii

Hey frank,

Just a word of thanks. I was losing huge amounts of money till i
came across bookie buster. I was actually unwilling to pay the amount for
the money but i realized that it is definitely worth it. The systems were
perfect. I am able to accept loses as i am certain of winning it back.
Thanks lots. I have already won 1/4 of my bankroll in just 2 weeks by
winning back loses and increasing my profits. Thanks once again.

Derek Lim, Singapore


I would like to give you my testimony for your book.

Christians receive their inspiration from the Bible,
Muslims receive their inspiration from the Koran,
Hindus receive their inspiration from the Gita,
I receive my inspiration from The 21 Secret Systems
By Frank Belanger.

Thanks regards
Shashi, India

Hi Frank,
Just wanted to give you some feedback on the parts of your ebook that I have read. I was impressed. You have obviously done your homework and have put alot of time and work in to developing your systems. I have been a big sports fan for over thirty years. Sports are a big part of my life. I have been wagering on sports for about eight years with varying degress of success. On a few occasions I have made big scores on future wagers. I have also made some mistakes (most people do as they learn the ropes and how the odds makers operate). Above all else I have learned to trust myself and my instincts. I believe that baseball is the best deal out there, and believe me I KNOW BASEBALL. To give you some idea, I historically pick about 60% winners in baseball. Over the last four days I have a record of (16-8) betting ONLY baseball. This includes two and occasionally three team parlays (only small wagers on three teamers.. Despite my ability to pick games I have in the past not taken out my
 winnings as consistently as I should have. This was because my money management was poor. I would at times risk too much on single plays and undo alot of hard work in a hour or two. Here is where I would thank you for the information you provided. Your comments and insights into handling and protecting one's bankroll were very helpful to me. It was actually like a light bulb going on when I read these pages.  I have incorporated your money management techniques and feel much better about my direction. Over the last two weeks I am up $170.00 (average wager from $20.00 to $30.00) . I am confident that my bankroll will continue to grow.
Brent Carter 

I purchased your e-book on June 29th.
When I did, I also received your Premium Picks Package for a
period of time.
Could you please tell me how long I receive your picks.
I believe that it's for a month.
I'm not sure.
Please respond.

I've been monitoring your picks.
Since June 29th a $100.00 bettor would be up $1,085.
Wins:  20  Loses:  10

You pick underdogs as well as low dollar favorites.
You're doing very well so far.
Thanks again for the information.

Patrick Meegan      


UNBELIEVABLE system!!!  I tried yesterday just using
$10 a parlay.  Because I had Indiana + 17.5, I
actually lost that one..but that was the only one!  I
went an amazing 10-1 using your parlay system.

This is great.  I already reviewed the early lines for
next week's college football schedule and tagged
another 11 games to play.

Thanks again for this great system.


Dan Hannon USA

Hi Frank,

"I just wanted to say that this system is amazing.  Thank you so much for sharing this information.  The system comes at such a small price for what you are getting.  I would have paid 10 to 20 times as much for this, and it would still be a bargain.  You can use this system forever and it will always make you money.  The winning percentage is just unbelievable.  You can go back and test the system using past results, as you have shown in the e-book, and you will see a profit time and time again.  I will be using this system every week from now on as a part of my regular routine.  It is like having a money making machine.  Once again, thanks for this great system and keep up the good work."

I really meant every word I said.  This system really is great.  I can't believe the accuracy of it.  If you want to use my testimonial, that will be fine with me.  If you can, just please do me a favor and don't put my last name on your website.  I would appreciate if you just put it as from Justin S.  This will be fine with me.  Thanks a lot, I really appreciate that.  And, if you get any more mechanical systems like this one, in any sport at all, please let me know.  Thanks again so much.  Take care and I will keep in touch with you.

Justin S.

I actually downloaded Bookie Busters and the NCAA system and I can honestly say the results are amazing.  If you stick with the system and stay patient, you can make a lot of money.  I've made over $300 in just 2 weeks without betting more than $30 a game.  Simply amazing.


Frank, tell you what, before this I really skeptical to buy this book, USD97 = 360 dollar at my currency, its not a small amount. I really made a very important decision to click the "PAY" button.  But now I can confidently tell you that I am not going to look for  another sports betting system anymore unless you work out with a better system.
Its really good to meet you frank.
Best Regard,

Hi Frank,
I bought your e-book, and I love it.  In one week, I am up just over 50%
on my bankroll. Plus I no longer get bummed out when I pick a loser.
Win or lose, just work the system, and the money comes in.

Thank you very much!

Williston, VT

Frank with this book using system #2 I have amassed over 2000$ in less than 2 weeks.


David hough


You are the man!  I really appreciate the note.  The
football parlay system is a great one, and I'm already
making good coin with the two basketball systems.

Thanks for all your hard work.  I wish you and your
family a great holiday season, and I look forward to
winning more dough with you in 2006 and beyond.


Hi Frank,

YOU are a genius as i have closed out 9 of 12 series in two nights and if i close out 3 more i will have swept the board and only am hitting about 50%  



Well I have been playing the basketball system for a month now and I am
happy to report that I am +12 units for the month.  What a great and simple
system!!!  All I need to do is follow the formula and the rest takes care of
itself.  I can also see the potential for adding my own skills in due course
but the beauty is I know I don't need to.  Another great thing is that I
know I can always email you with a question and get a reply within 24 hours
or so.  What a great system and what a great service.  I'd recommend anyone
who likes to bet to take up one of your systems and see how it goes for

Robin, Australia

Hi Frank

I like to thank you for this golden Systems book, I have see that your systems really
works, started 5 days ago using only 184 $ have now in my acount  290.38 $  ( and 2 bets
open, 20$ on each bet) So I think I will very soon send you a message about my first
earned 500 $ if everything is going like last 5 days.

Meū kveūju/Best Regards

Birgir Hardarson

Hi Frank

I just like to let you know how my bet is going. I started using your Golden Systems
E-book 28/3 and from that day (7/4 now) I have earned 2.300.05$ just for using your super
Systems and all that betting knowledge I have find in your book. Just like to thank you
for your Systems.
WOW what a money I will have after a few month.....

Meū kveūju/Best Regards

Birgir Hardarson

Hello Frank!
This is the most remarkable piece of information I have ever seen.  I never played the horses because I always lost, with this system you introduced to me, I have had 18 tracks in a row which paid off.  I have checked the local track with this system also, and no track has lost yet, I know you say they will lose but my guess is it won't happen very often.  I love the horse races now!  Thanks again.